The Agents of the Grand Countess Morene von Draken are the group six (originally five) humans-turned-vampires who serve as eyes, ears, and hands of the Countess. Turned out of a dire need during the Crisis of the 24th Century, they rapidly became invaluable in their assistance to the embattled Countess as she waged a silent war against the hidden threats plaguing her city.

Beauregard Ashcroft Edit

The newest addition to the Countess' roster, little is known about Beauregard. His association with Lahmia is not a secret, as Lady von Draken has intercepted and interfered with several attempts from Neferata to infiltrate her city, refusing the rival vampire the opportunity to sow dissent and chaos.

Beauregard, ostensibly, appears to be attempting to turn over a new leaf by offering his services to the Grand Countess. Due to her general prejudice and lack of trust in the secretive, meddlesome Lahmian vampires, she laid the responsibility of keeping an eye on the young vampire to her fledglings.

He has, thus far, proven himself of honest intent and helpful capacity, despite the lack of mutual trust. He appears to be resolved to correcting this image of himself, however true it may have been in the past.

Heinrich Bauer Edit

Heinrich came to the service of the Grand Countess a troubled, blind young man. Enlisting in the military as soon as he reached the age of 15, he served in Drakenridge's army, serving as a man-at-arms in the Seventh Legion of Foot.

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