An old woman who, at current, is inhabiting a small hut on the fringe of the Lucent Mire.

Background Edit

"I have many names, little vampire. Crone. Hag. Witch. That last one is my favorite, because it so happens to be true. Calling me a crone is just rude; you'll know a crone when you meet one, for they are far less hospitable to visitors than I." Morgana Emmerig, 2 Ulriczeit, 2308

Little to nothing is known about the woman who calls herself Morgana. Secretive and reclusive, her exact age is unknown, but she appears rather venerable - easily flirting with octogenarian status. There is a youth and brightness to her eyes, however, that suggests that this age has not reached her mind. Indeed, despite her physical frailty, the old woman has displayed a keen intellect and sharp, acerbic wit with a propensity for dark humor.

In the Mists of Drakenridge campaign, she displayed a talent for manipulating the natural world and uncanny divination abilities, using both of these tools to either foresee or manipulate events to her benefit, and to the benefit of the Agents of Lady von Draken. Despite the mutual lack of trust, a cordial working relationship developed between the members of the group and the old witch: they would retrieve her old grimoire from the thief, Brencis, and in exchange, she would help them along the right paths to finding him, assisting them with her magics in the form of potent magical items along the way.

Each time the Agents of Lady von Draken have visited, a strange illness has appeared to have further taken root in the old woman's body, resulting in her collapsing on one occasion after a strenuous spell casting. Each time the Agents have seen her, she has appeared more frail, older, and less connected to the world. Her mind remains keen despite this gradual ailing, with enough strength to offer up verbal barbs and spiteful glances.

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